Partner Support Services

Starting in November 2014 we will be offering comprehensive support services for BlackBerry® partners. These services will give partners access to the information and tools they need to give their customers what they need when they need it. Keep reading for more details on this upcoming offering.

Do more for your customers

Grow your enterprise business and drive revenue with direct from the manufacturer support.

If your customers rely on BlackBerry solutions, and you have a BlackBerry support team, then BlackBerry® Partner Support Services (BPSS) is the right choice. BPSS provide your internal BlackBerry support team with direct access to our award-winning Tier 3 support experts. This allows your customers to easily resolve multi-platform mobility issues without having to navigate a complicated process. They simply call you and everything is taken care of from their perspective.

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Joining forces with BlackBerry

  • Increase customer satisfaction and competitive advantage. Now, customers don’t need to navigate a complicated path to issue resolution. They simply call you.
  • Enhance your value proposition, reduce support costs, improve response times, and differentiate via new service offerings. Our service level goals mean your customers’ issues are addressed quickly and correctly.
  • Generate recurring revenue. It’s easier than ever to price and build programs around BlackBerry. Our partner support billing models mean your own costs are predictable.
  • Improve your expertise with direct access to the manufacturer and exclusive support tools.

A new source of revenue

With the new BlackBerry Partner Support Services program, we’ve established new partner billing models, annual customer-specific terms and access to pricing advantages. New billing options mean your cost of delivery is more predictable and aligns with common revenue recognition practices. In turn, this enables you to build programs around BlackBerry solutions that generate revenue.

Fast, accurate resolution

Our service level goals mean your customers’ issues are addressed quickly and correctly. Partners subscribed to the program receive access to advanced troubleshooting for BlackBerry devices, BlackBerry Enterprise Software, and BlackBerry Applications. Leveraging the Partner Portal, you can log and receive status updates on incidents, access training, documentation and support tools, and more. Partners can do this from a single console.

Let’s work together

We’re working hard to collaborate with Partners who are supporting and growing the BlackBerry ecosystem by creating their own products and services that enhance the BlackBerry cross-platform enterprise experience. By joining forces with System Integrators, Managed Service Providers, Professional Service Providers, Telecom Providers, Equipment Manufacturers, Hosters, IT Outsourcers, Carriers, Carrier Dealers, IT Consultants, and Independent Software firms we’re jointly able to drive synergies throughout the enterprise mobility ecosystem.

Levels of Support

Depending on your business model, depth of relationships and your customers’ needs we offer three levels of support.

  • Where you have a dedicated BlackBerry support team, you can choose Tier 3 Enterprise Support provided by either a BlackBerry Analyst or directly from a Senior Technical Analyst (aka DART).
    Find out more about Tier 3 Enterprise Support.
  • Smaller partners can resell BlackBerry Technical Support (BTSS) and act as a named caller for your customer. To learn more about BlackBerry Technical Support visit the homepage at
  • Where you have incident-based engagements with customers, we offer a Consultant Services program.
    Find out more about Consultant Services.

Collaborate with BlackBerry and provide your customers with the support and services they need. Contact us below to find out more about BlackBerry Partner Support Services.